• The Nutria

    Today I went on a trip to the north along with my parents.
    Our first station was the Kineret cemetery, where alot of famous people from Israel's past are buried. These famous people include Neomi Shemer, Rachel (ha meshoreret), Berl Katzanelson and Avraham Hartzfeld.
    While strolling through the cemetery, my dad found the grave of Haya Elkana, his english teacher who passed away about 40 years ago.
    After the cemetery we had lunch at a nearby restaurant. I had the lamb shishlik which was succulent, tasty and kind.
    Our second stop was Beit-Gavriel over in Zemach.
    Walking through the grass, that lay on the shore of the Kineret, we came across a pair of animals which resembled large rats. They were busy nibbling on the green grass. I had no idea what they were called.
    At first I thought they were otters, but an otter's body is much skinnier and a bit more hydro-dynamic. I tried, in vain, to check the internet on my cellular phone for an answer.
    Our third and final stop was the Afikim dog kennel.
    When we got back home, I searched the net to see if I can find the name of the animal we had seen earlier at Beit-Gavriel. I discovered that it was called Nutria.


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