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ॐ Om Omm Ommm Omer Omer Toledano, Poet, Web Developer, Artist, Writer, Gourmand, Front-line worker, Yogi, Lover, The Universe manifesting, experiencing and coming to know itself through a human nervous system


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In all manner of humility, I am highly skilled in many areas but... there is always somethings new to learn.

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I am excited to announce my third poetry book publication, "OM, THE UNIVERSE AND I: A Poetry Collection", an anthology comprised of previously published poems gathered to form a unique collection which conveys my inner world and is a personal testament and introspection on life, love and the nature of reality.

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This podcast is dedicated to all people who love poetry, who enjoy reading it and listening to it. It is my personal testament to man's abilities to rise above his personal afflictions and go beyond whatever it is that he thinks and believes about himself, past what he knows to be true. Some of the poems which I will read to you in this podcast have been published. Others have not. I hope you will enjoy this listening experience.


I learn. I build. I conquer.

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  • Through the Veil / by Omer Toledano

    In the scorching heat of love
    In the flaming inferno of passion
    We who have been burned
    Know the way

    We who have walked the desert
    We who wrestled with the wind
    We who have toiled with the sand
    And we who have erected fortresses of solitude
    We bear the marks upon our soul

    We who once knew love
    Know it still
    We are it
    We are the keepers of memory
    Glowing embers of what has remained of a once-great fire

    Entering this house
    The untrained eye assumes that love
    No longer resides here
    And we who have been purged by its radiant glow
    Know the truth

    Love's tumultuous flame has made ashes of our frail body
    We walk this world as dead men do
    We carry torches in the night
    Not by hand but in our heart
    Illuminated by eternal wisdom
    It is best we stay away

    We who redefined the meaning
    Look on in a merciful gaze
    No one is coming to save you
    For you cannot be saved
    Only the rising of the morning sun
    Will awaken you

    And you who have imprisoned me
    Know this
    That I have been set free
    Not by your grace
    And not by your key
    By my will I am free
    I am free

    And this love we once shared
    Still lives in me
    And no other place
    Continues to shine
    On your beautiful face
    For the beauty thereof
    In eternity dwells
    And continues to be
    Not in you, not in them
    But in what I choose to see

  • Wounded Child / by Omer Toledano

     How may you heal

    This wounded child

    How may you feel

    What you have dialed

    What can you do

    What can you say

    To heal a wounded child today

    How may you go

    And ease his pain

    What do you tell

    A man who’s insane

    What is the price

    That you have to pay

    To heal a wounded child today

    Where was he then

    This beaten up prey

    Where is he now

    And where does he pray

    What can you do

    Who do you obey

    To heal a wounded child today

    See what you will

    And will what you see

    In this vast ocean

    In this endless sea

    Your ship has now docked

    At the end of the bay

    Was it enough for that child today

    When one contemplates

    That it is not real

    She is freed from the sorrow

    She is freed from the deal

    Did you move away

    From what you wanted to say

    Did you heal a wounded child today

  • The Silent Scream / by Omer Toledano

    Many times it was to seem
    Instead of pulling towards a dream
    That I would much rather
    Not dwell and deem
    To simply scream the silent scream

    And why must I not go there now
    Why for this my head should bow
    And why deter myself when it should seem
    That I am simply better off
    At screaming the silent scream

    And many who once came before
    Lived in this world
    With the same chore
    But they decided much for them
    To walk upon the narrow beam
    Instead of letting go
    And screaming the silent scream

    And why persist, go on, continue
    And why must it remain within you
    Why perpetuate this further
    Why present a blinking cursor
    Why you chose this color scheme
    Why you scream this silent scream

    And once it was the epicenter
    And over time when you grew gentler
    It no longer could hold on
    Other things to dwell upon
    No longer was it so important
    As at the time when you were potent
    I hear your voice upon this ream
    I hear you scream the silent scream

  • The Gray-Leafed Tree / by Omer Toledano

    They live among us
    Giants of music and song
    They are so humongous
    But still trying so hard to belong

    When fate once seemed to be sealed
    When truth at a time was concealed
    Therein sprouted a leaf
    And a tree there to heaven kneeled

    When voices were silenced
    And when all lay bear
    When emotion depleted
    And there was no one to care
    I held your left hand
    And followed suit in the sand
    As the storm passed
    And your ship spotted land

    And the future was bright
    And I haven’t lost sight
    Of what you mean to me
    So please put up a fight
    And I beg you once more not to go
    And not to be taken into the night

    Make haste and please come back
    Do not dwell on what you lack
    There’s still so much for you to see
    There is someone for you to be
    Arise again my gray-leafed tree
    Come back right here and stay with me

  • Shadow / by Omer Toledano

    A wintry night
    Black & mysterious
    Cold & damp
    Kid you not
    I am serious
    Whispering winds
    Telling tales of long past
    Floods and showers
    How long will they last?
    Sing me a song
    Young maiden in yellow
    Know me to sleep
    Kiss this young-looking fellow
    Where have they gone
    Those sirens of old?
    Why must I stand here out in the cold?
    Come here young lady
    To have and to hold
    Till death do us part
    On mountains of gold
    This is my shadow
    It is him so I’m told
    Stand up straight
    Stand up tall
    Stand up strong
    Stand up bold
    Why must you stand there
    You there in the back
    Where is your light
    That you desperately lack
    What is your purpose
    Who do you serve
    Do you reap what you sow
    And what you deserve
    You are my shadow
    You are me in the dark
    If I was a fish
    Why then you’d be a shark
    We are one in the same
    And we constantly fight
    You in the dark
    And me in the light

  • The Servant / by Omer Toledano

    Leave me to dwell in your presence, divine one
    Embrace me with your silence and eternal wisdom
    Let me see through your eyes
    The timeless melody of your unbounded song
    Free me once more from this web of deception
    So that I may once more empty myself of this deluge of delusion
    And find your path through the storm
    Which you in your infinite wisdom
    Have manifested with your mighty hand
    To keep me from seeing the true intention of your divine will
    Find me once more o’ great one
    You know where I am
    In purity will you come to know my intention
    In beauty will you come to know my everlasting love
    In truth will you come to know my way
    There is no other
    We are one
    Your heart’s echoing cry has brought me to you once again
    And there I shall remain
    Your servant
    For all eternity

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