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ॐ Om Omm Ommm Omer Omer Toledano, Web Developer, Artist, Writer, Poet, Gourmand, Front-line worker, Yogi, Lover, The Universe manifesting through a human nervous system.


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In all manner of humility, I am highly skilled in many areas but... there is always somethings new to learn.

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I am excited to announce my first publication.

Poetry: Songs I Sing to Myself is a collection of poems written over the span of a decade in my life. In this collection, I convey my internal dialogue on subjects relating to life, love and my relationship with the universe.

Both Kindle and printed Paperback versions of my new book are officially now available on Amazon ▶

Listen: Omer's Poetry Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to all people who love poetry, who enjoy reading it and listening to it. It is my personal testament to man's abilities to rise above his personal afflictions and go beyond whatever it is that he thinks and believes about himself, past what he knows to be true. Some of the poems which I will read to you in this podcast have been published. Others have not. I hope you will enjoy this listening experience.


I learn. I build. I conquer.

Third Eye

Yoga, Introspection, Metacognition, Inner Peace, Wisdom, Tranquility, Blissfulness, Realization of Cosmic Events, Fearlessness


A lifetime of fascination with these wonderful machines

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  • Equinox / by Omer Toledano

    Something to be said
    About this fluctuation
    Twice a year it occurs
    In our Earthly rotation
    Once in the Autumn
    And once in the Spring
    Masculine Feminine
    It’s a beautiful thing
    It is not felt by many
    They’re not even aware
    Do not know it exists
    Do not know it is there
    North and South become one
    And the sun is aligned
    Equal light to the poles
    It’s a wonderful ride
    Male turns to Female
    Female turns to Male
    Complete equilibrium
    In this solar sail
    The Earth keeps on spinning
    In a slight slanted axis
    And we to new worlds
    Begin to gain access
    Once we are there
    Once we are here
    It all lasts for cycles
    Of half a year
    It goes on through the ages
    Felt by Scientists and Sages
    It spins like a quarter
    Maintains cosmic order
    Shows to us all
    That space has no border
    To the firm disbeliever
    Who reads this and mocks
    Whether you know it or not
    It is now equinox

  • Autoresponse / by Omer Toledano

    The feeling is gone
    I’ve lost the emotion
    My current plea
    A present notion
    Maybe for the better
    That I can no longer feel
    That nothing has value
    That it is no longer real
    For others so simple
    To trust
    And cast meaning
    So easy to fall
    Against whom they are leaning
    Time and again
    It seems so obscure
    All in it’s place
    A magical cure
    Like a program to start
    To connect to the heart
    To feel at the core
    To open a door
    Like a mouse in a lab
    The yellow cab
    Crosses the bridge
    A metallic slab
    A hotel in the city
    A six year old boy
    The world on his finger
    To love and enjoy
    I guess that is it
    All that there is
    Fading memories
    Of all that is His
    It is always the now
    In all that was once
    An empty reaction
    An auto-response

  • The Seed of Intention / by Omer Toledano

    There are things in this world
    Beyond comprehension
    Like time and its flow
    With the seed of intention
    You decide who you are
    In each passing moment
    What role do you play?
    Is it joy or just torment?
    Infinite wisdom is at our disposal
    To reject all at once
    Or accept a proposal
    It’s a game, simulation
    Every choice that we make
    Whether high in the air
    Or enjoying a lake
    Ultimate truth at the heart of creation
    A place that is still
    Where all comes to cessation
    Perpetual movements
    Of body and mind
    Come to a halt
    And there you will find
    The answer to that
    Which you have been asking
    The ultimate truth
    Which you have been masking
    It was there all along
    You were too blind to see
    Too busy sailing
    This stormy sea
    Before leaving again
    One more thing I should mention
    Plant it here, plant it now
    Your seed of intention

  • The Magical Mule / by Omer Toledano

    The Magical Mule is one to behold
    He is sharp, he is wise
    He is strong and he’s bold
    The Magical Mule never gives up
    He never surrenders
    He is quite a chump
    Day in and day out
    He pulls his load
    He treads alone
    This lonely road
    The Magical Mule cannot complain
    If he’s feeling ill
    Or if he’s in pain
    It matters not
    To his masters on Earth
    The Magical Mule
    Is both blessed and cursed
    On the one hand he’s blessed
    For he’s made a living
    On the other he’s cursed
    No life and just giving
    Who now weeps for this Magical Mule
    Who has left this world
    A shiny jewel
    Who will care for this mule
    In a hundred years’ time
    Who will remember his face
    And know who he was
    Just a Magical Mule
    Who did not make a fuss
    Who followed one rule
    For he knows who he was
    In every sense of the word
    A Magical Mule

  • Dance of Eternity / by Omer Toledano

    They’ve been dancing for years
    Swaying for hours
    Residing in silence
    Presiding with powers
    Clouds in formations
    Rising of nations
    Kings of the realm
    Mad men at the helm
    Up and down
    And love comes to town
    And then it comes closer
    And off comes your gown
    Then one day when you leave
    I then sicken and heave
    It then goes away
    A storm, light of day
    Consumed all by fire
    And a loss of desire
    It twists and then turns
    Up in flames it burns
    Delusions and visions
    Human divisions
    Physics in motion
    Exchange of emotion
    A heart beats in darkness
    And the dark does not win
    In the dance of eternity
    You are out or you’re in

  • Infinity Code / by Omer Toledano

    It began with the light
    So that we all could see
    Him in the self
    And you in the me
    It started off clean
    What was
    Was what is
    And continued and grew
    What is mine is now his
    The fruit from the trees
    The honey from bees
    Man is now ruler
    Does whatever he please
    Unless he does not
    Go forth
    Do some cleaning
    He will never achieve
    To understand the true meaning
    He has lost his direction
    He must make a correction
    And cease to make splits
    Into section and section
    There is only one
    There is no division
    What he knows to be true
    Has distorted his vision
    This is his moment
    A short time for laughter
    For eternity spans there
    Both before and then after
    No use for attachment
    It is all for rent
    The house that you live in
    Your car’s side dent
    And even your body
    Will once wither away
    And give room to another
    And a brand new day
    All you must do
    Is remember that you
    Are a part of the fabric
    In all that you do
    Who you see and you love
    Is sent from above
    To show you who you are
    And what you are made of
    Till we meet I give you
    A blessing forever
    A blessing for now
    And a blessing for never
    Please accept all that is
    In this type of mode
    And help me to write
    My infinity code

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