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ॐ Om Omm Ommm Omer Omer Toledano, Web Developer, Artist, Writer, Poet, Gourmand, Front-line worker, Yogi, Lover, The Universe manifesting through a human nervous system.


My Professional Skills

In all manner of humility, I am highly skilled in many areas but... there is always somethings new to learn.

Web Development 100%
E-Marketing 100%
Scripting Languages 100%
Content Management Systems 100%

Check out my NEW book!

I am excited to announce my first publication.

Poetry: Songs I Sing to Myself is a collection of poems written over the span of a decade in my life. In this collection, I convey my internal dialogue on subjects relating to life, love and my relationship with the universe.

Both Kindle and printed Paperback versions of my new book are officially now available on Amazon ▶


I learn. I build. I conquer.

Third Eye

Yoga, Introspection, Metacognition, Inner Peace, Wisdom, Tranquility, Blissfulness, Realization of Cosmic Events, Fearlessness


A lifetime of fascination with these wonderful machines

Web Development

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, CMS, WordPress, Wikipedia

Global E-Marketing

Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Social Media, Ad Campaigns

Visual Arts & Design

Drawing, Painting, Photoshop, Video Editing

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  • His Heart Beats Only for You / by Omer Toledano

    Nothing can be done about it
    The more he thought about it
    The more he tried in vain to change the tune
    To change the rhythm
    On His schedule there is no other
    Violins playing a familiar song
    Of a man who once was and is no more
    Whose heart beats only for you
    It’s all that is left of this poor soul
    Just a heart and it beats only for you
    It is all crystal clear
    How a month passes, then a year
    How he once whispered in your ear
    All the things that you wanted to hear
    Promises left with a tear
    To flow on his cheek as the violins played
    He is hurt, he is wounded
    Like an animal left to gasp his last breath
    To welcome death
    To come and take him for he cannot go on living
    For he knows that once there were two
    And his heart beats only for you

  • Mi hermosa japonesa / de Omer Toledano

    Mi pequeña japonesa
    Mi hermosa japonesa
    Me fui a dormir anoche
    Y pensé en ti
    Yo soñé un sueño
    Que estabas en una casa japonesa
    Y un nombre japones
    Tu cara cubierta de blanco
    Mi pequeña japonesa
    Mi hermosa japonesa
    Con la misma cara
    Y en el sueño me miraste
    Triste y solitario
    Tu estabas frente a mi
    Pero estabas en otro lugar
    Mis manos querían llegar
    Pero no pudieron moverse
    Mi pequeña japonesa
    Mi hermosa japonesa
    Te echo de menos
    Por favor, vuelve a mi

  • The Pure Infant / by Omer Toledano

    It has become contaminated
    Trying to push back the dirt
    I cleanse myself
    Almost like an infant
    On the day of its birth
    Not a spec of dust
    Or pollution
    No past
    Just dirt awaiting to latch on
    I re-awaken
    Only to find pollution
    And I weep silently
    Like a baby
    I long to find my way again
    To be in the place
    To be pure
    To be timeless
    Without a spec of dust
    Without the dirt
    Thrust upon me by time
    There I remain
    For you
    To come back

  • Collective Orgasm / by Omer Toledano

    Does the amoeba feel pleasure
    When it multiplies
    Does the tiny fungus gasp
    When it releases its tiny spores
    Does the flower get aroused
    When the bee suckles the nectar while touching its anthers
    Does the tree sway in ecstasy
    Before bearing fruit
    In the words of the song
    How does the spring know its time?
    Does the mountain lion question anything
    Before it mounts
    Give and take
    Take and give
    Releasing excess
    Recyclers of the universe we are
    Taking in and spewing out
    Magnificent creation
    A brief enjoyable moment
    A collective orgasm
    In eternity

  • Expectation / by: Omer Toledano

    It’s my past which has shown me
    What to expect
    In this way which I live
    I must pass
    And reject
    In this way which they live
    They come to expect
    What should be
    Must be done
    And how one must act
    In this way how they judge
    And draw their conclusion
    Based on lies
    Not the truth
    Just their simple delusion
    It’s how they are built
    It’s how they are wired
    So you know if you’re in
    So you know if you’re hired
    And this is the essence
    Of this grand design
    Are you with him?
    Or are you still mine?
    Either way it won’t matter
    The answer you know
    As for I with the truth
    Of you I let go
    And continue to do so
    Time after time
    And write poems about it
    Rhyme after rhyme

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