• The Servant / by Omer Toledano

    Leave me to dwell in your presence, divine one
    Embrace me with your silence and eternal wisdom
    Let me see through your eyes
    The timeless melody of your unbounded song
    Free me once more from this web of deception
    So that I may once more empty myself of this deluge of delusion
    And find your path through the storm
    Which you in your infinite wisdom
    Have manifested with your mighty hand
    To keep me from seeing the true intention of your divine will
    Find me once more o’ great one
    You know where I am
    In purity will you come to know my intention
    In beauty will you come to know my everlasting love
    In truth will you come to know my way
    There is no other
    We are one
    Your heart’s echoing cry has brought me to you once again
    And there I shall remain
    Your servant
    For all eternity


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