• Shadow / by Omer Toledano

    A wintry night
    Black & mysterious
    Cold & damp
    Kid you not
    I am serious
    Whispering winds
    Telling tales of long past
    Floods and showers
    How long will they last?
    Sing me a song
    Young maiden in yellow
    Know me to sleep
    Kiss this young-looking fellow
    Where have they gone
    Those sirens of old?
    Why must I stand here out in the cold?
    Come here young lady
    To have and to hold
    Till death do us part
    On mountains of gold
    This is my shadow
    It is him so I’m told
    Stand up straight
    Stand up tall
    Stand up strong
    Stand up bold
    Why must you stand there
    You there in the back
    Where is your light
    That you desperately lack
    What is your purpose
    Who do you serve
    Do you reap what you sow
    And what you deserve
    You are my shadow
    You are me in the dark
    If I was a fish
    Why then you’d be a shark
    We are one in the same
    And we constantly fight
    You in the dark
    And me in the light


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