• The Gray-Leafed Tree / by Omer Toledano

    They live among us
    Giants of music and song
    They are so humongous
    But still trying so hard to belong

    When fate once seemed to be sealed
    When truth at a time was concealed
    Therein sprouted a leaf
    And a tree there to heaven kneeled

    When voices were silenced
    And when all lay bear
    When emotion depleted
    And there was no one to care
    I held your left hand
    And followed suit in the sand
    As the storm passed
    And your ship spotted land

    And the future was bright
    And I haven’t lost sight
    Of what you mean to me
    So please put up a fight
    And I beg you once more not to go
    And not to be taken into the night

    Make haste and please come back
    Do not dwell on what you lack
    There’s still so much for you to see
    There is someone for you to be
    Arise again my gray-leafed tree
    Come back right here and stay with me


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