• The Silent Scream / by Omer Toledano

    Many times it was to seem
    Instead of pulling towards a dream
    That I would much rather
    Not dwell and deem
    To simply scream the silent scream

    And why must I not go there now
    Why for this my head should bow
    And why deter myself when it should seem
    That I am simply better off
    At screaming the silent scream

    And many who once came before
    Lived in this world
    With the same chore
    But they decided much for them
    To walk upon the narrow beam
    Instead of letting go
    And screaming the silent scream

    And why persist, go on, continue
    And why must it remain within you
    Why perpetuate this further
    Why present a blinking cursor
    Why you chose this color scheme
    Why you scream this silent scream

    And once it was the epicenter
    And over time when you grew gentler
    It no longer could hold on
    Other things to dwell upon
    No longer was it so important
    As at the time when you were potent
    I hear your voice upon this ream
    I hear you scream the silent scream


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