• In Memoriam / by Omer Toledano

    Please remember
    That I was once your son
    That once I filled your world
    With wonder and delight
    That once I was the center
    That once I was alright
    Please remember
    That once I was your brother
    Aggressive when I must
    And only because once
    In you I could not trust
    Please remember
    That I was once your friend
    I saw myself in you
    And you o’ friend of mine
    Saw the best in me
    And let my spirit shine
    Please remember
    That I was once your lover
    You showed me
    What it means to love
    To lose myself there in another
    And you
    Will you remember who you were
    When all of this is gone
    Will you remember anything
    When all of this is done
    Please remember everything
    There is no good or bad
    Your light shines to eternity
    And nothing you once had
    Nothing to take with you
    No meat, no skin, no bone
    For when time comes and comes to pass
    To there you go alone
    No memory of anything
    Of you who is no more
    It was all a test I put you through
    To guide you to the door
    Rest in peace o’ child of mine
    While walking through a garden
    And know that you are here with me
    Alone but not forgotten


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