• Heartbeats & Seconds / by Omer Toledano

    The countdown begins
    Refuse to bins
    Throw the garbage away
    And then second hand
    Like grains of the sand
    And the heart is trying to say
    Heartbeat and second
    Are in sync the boy reckoned
    A purpose for every event
    When time began
    With a beat of his heart
    And the motion to eternity sent
    The world created with this vibration
    It is sometimes well overlooked
    For the rays of the sun
    In his morning run
    With the world this one is now hooked
    Connected to all with umbilical cord
    Which has never for once been severed
    He is the Earth and the Sun and the Moon
    A Nomad out in the desert
    The air he breathes in and the blood in his veins
    Constructions, a weak explanation
    For they matter not in this house of delights
    And they surely pose no limitation
    Seduction of spirit is all there is here
    And the mind is trying to bind you
    With a backdrop for life
    A flute and a fife
    Look ahead and not what’s behind you
    A heartbeat a second
    “Come with me!” the boy beckoned
    What more evidence do you require?
    I will carry your burden and ease your pain
    Let me be your formidable squire
    Where we go from here
    In your hands it will be
    As it has been right from the start
    The hours and seconds will continue to pass
    With the beating of your loving heart


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