• Equinox / by Omer Toledano

    Something to be said
    About this fluctuation
    Twice a year it occurs
    In our Earthly rotation
    Once in the Autumn
    And once in the Spring
    Masculine Feminine
    It’s a beautiful thing
    It is not felt by many
    They’re not even aware
    Do not know it exists
    Do not know it is there
    North and South become one
    And the sun is aligned
    Equal light to the poles
    It’s a wonderful ride
    Male turns to Female
    Female turns to Male
    Complete equilibrium
    In this solar sail
    The Earth keeps on spinning
    In a slight slanted axis
    And we to new worlds
    Begin to gain access
    Once we are there
    Once we are here
    It all lasts for cycles
    Of half a year
    It goes on through the ages
    Felt by Scientists and Sages
    It spins like a quarter
    Maintains cosmic order
    Shows to us all
    That space has no border
    To the firm disbeliever
    Who reads this and mocks
    Whether you know it or not
    It is now equinox


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