• Autoresponse / by Omer Toledano

    The feeling is gone
    I’ve lost the emotion
    My current plea
    A present notion
    Maybe for the better
    That I can no longer feel
    That nothing has value
    That it is no longer real
    For others so simple
    To trust
    And cast meaning
    So easy to fall
    Against whom they are leaning
    Time and again
    It seems so obscure
    All in its place
    A magical cure
    Like a program to start
    To connect to the heart
    To feel at the core
    To open a door
    Like a mouse in a lab
    The yellow cab
    Crosses the bridge
    A metallic slab
    A hotel in the city
    A six year old boy
    The world on his finger
    To love and enjoy
    I guess that is it
    All that there is
    Fading memories
    Of all that is His
    It is always the now
    In all that was once
    An empty reaction
    An auto-response


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