• The Seed of Intention / by Omer Toledano

    There are things in this world
    Beyond comprehension
    Like time and its flow
    With the seed of intention
    You decide who you are
    In each passing moment
    What role do you play?
    Is it joy or just torment?
    Infinite wisdom is at our disposal
    To reject all at once
    Or accept a proposal
    It’s a game, simulation
    Every choice that we make
    Whether high in the air
    Or enjoying a lake
    Ultimate truth at the heart of creation
    A place that is still
    Where all comes to cessation
    Perpetual movements
    Of body and mind
    Come to a halt
    And there you will find
    The answer to that
    Which you have been asking
    The ultimate truth
    Which you have been masking
    It was there all along
    You were too blind to see
    Too busy sailing
    This stormy sea
    Before leaving again
    One more thing I should mention
    Plant it here, plant it now
    Your seed of intention


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