• The Magical Mule / by Omer Toledano

    The Magical Mule is one to behold
    He is sharp, he is wise
    He is strong and he’s bold
    The Magical Mule never gives up
    He never surrenders
    He is quite a chump
    Day in and day out
    He pulls his load
    He treads alone
    This lonely road
    The Magical Mule cannot complain
    If he’s feeling ill
    Or if he’s in pain
    It matters not
    To his masters on Earth
    The Magical Mule
    Is both blessed and cursed
    On the one hand he’s blessed
    For he’s made a living
    On the other he’s cursed
    No life and just giving
    Who now weeps for this Magical Mule
    Who has left this world
    A shiny jewel
    Who will care for this mule
    In a hundred years’ time
    Who will remember his face
    And know who he was
    Just a Magical Mule
    Who did not make a fuss
    Who followed one rule
    For he knows who he was
    In every sense of the word
    A Magical Mule


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