• Dance of Eternity / by Omer Toledano

    They’ve been dancing for years
    Swaying for hours
    Residing in silence
    Presiding with powers
    Clouds in formations
    Rising of nations
    Kings of the realm
    Mad men at the helm
    Up and down
    And love comes to town
    And then it comes closer
    And off comes your gown
    Then one day when you leave
    I then sicken and heave
    It then goes away
    A storm, light of day
    Consumed all by fire
    And a loss of desire
    It twists and then turns
    Up in flames it burns
    Delusions and visions
    Human divisions
    Physics in motion
    Exchange of emotion
    A heart beats in darkness
    And the dark does not win
    In the dance of eternity
    You are out or you’re in


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