• Infinity Code / by Omer Toledano

    It began with the light
    So that we all could see
    Him in the self
    And you in the me
    It started off clean
    What was
    Was what is
    And continued and grew
    What is mine is now his
    The fruit from the trees
    The honey from bees
    Man is now ruler
    Does whatever he please
    Unless he does not
    Go forth
    Do some cleaning
    He will never achieve
    To understand the true meaning
    He has lost his direction
    He must make a correction
    And cease to make splits
    Into section and section
    There is only one
    There is no division
    What he knows to be true
    Has distorted his vision
    This is his moment
    A short time for laughter
    For eternity spans there
    Both before and then after
    No use for attachment
    It is all for rent
    The house that you live in
    Your car’s side dent
    And even your body
    Will once wither away
    And give room to another
    And a brand new day
    All you must do
    Is remember that you
    Are a part of the fabric
    In all that you do
    Who you see and you love
    Is sent from above
    To show you who you are
    And what you are made of
    Till we meet I give you
    A blessing forever
    A blessing for now
    And a blessing for never
    Please accept all that is
    In this type of mode
    And help me to write
    My infinity code


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