• His Heart Beats Only for You / by Omer Toledano

    Nothing can be done about it
    The more he thought about it
    The more he tried in vain to change the tune
    To change the rhythm
    On His schedule there is no other
    Violins playing a familiar song
    Of a man who once was and is no more
    Whose heart beats only for you
    It’s all that is left of this poor soul
    Just a heart and it beats only for you
    It is all crystal clear
    How a month passes, then a year
    How he once whispered in your ear
    All the things that you wanted to hear
    Promises left with a tear
    To flow on his cheek as the violins played
    He is hurt, he is wounded
    Like an animal left to gasp his last breath
    To welcome death
    To come and take him for he cannot go on living
    For he knows that once there were two
    And his heart beats only for you


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