• Through the Veil / by Omer Toledano

    In the scorching heat of love
    In the flaming inferno of passion
    We who have been burned
    Know the way

    We who have walked the desert
    We who wrestled with the wind
    We who have toiled with the sand
    And we who have erected fortresses of solitude
    We bear the marks upon our soul

    We who once knew love
    Know it still
    We are it
    We are the keepers of memory
    Glowing embers of what has remained of a once-great fire

    Entering this house
    The untrained eye assumes that love
    No longer resides here
    And we who have been purged by its radiant glow
    Know the truth

    Love's tumultuous flame has made ashes of our frail body
    We walk this world as dead men do
    We carry torches in the night
    Not by hand but in our heart
    Illuminated by eternal wisdom
    It is best we stay away

    We who redefined the meaning
    Look on in a merciful gaze
    No one is coming to save you
    For you cannot be saved
    Only the rising of the morning sun
    Will awaken you

    And you who have imprisoned me
    Know this
    That I have been set free
    Not by your grace
    And not by your key
    By my will I am free
    I am free

    And this love we once shared
    Still lives in me
    And no other place
    Continues to shine
    On your beautiful face
    For the beauty thereof
    In eternity dwells
    And continues to be
    Not in you, not in them
    But in what I choose to see


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