• Miss. Permont

    Beautifully contoured,
    And not very loud.
    Well dressed and well mannered.
    Stands out in the crowd.

    Wears her hair up,
    Lets it fall as it may.
    With fashion couture,
    She lights up my day.

    She carries herself
    With o' so much grace,
    And bright is the light
    That shines off her face.

    What's the story you tell?
    I'd like to know more.
    Where you've been,
    Where you're going,
    Have you been there before?

    And what is this name
    Permont, is it French?
    I guess I'll continue
    To sit on the fence.

    If you're free, un-attached,
    I offer myself
    To you, fair maiden
    To pick from the shelf.

    I hope that from now
    I have made myself clear
    My intentions heard
    As they rest on your ear.

    And just so you know
    It is you that I want
    No one else.
    Only you, Miss. Permont.

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