• Bengio

    A fantasy realized
    If ever there was
    Takes the form of this beauty
    Among all which He does

    Defined by perfection
    She has drawn my affection
    Cannot stroll along
    Without my detection

    The tone of her skin
    Her childish visage
    Is just enough heaven
    To imply a mirage

    Exotic her nature
    Like forbidden fruit
    A hidden treasure
    That I want to loot

    Could pass herself up
    With relative ease
    As a star on the rise
    Her name on the marquee

    A beauty as her
    Is so very rare
    More beating as this
    My heart cannot bear

    All which she lacks
    Are angel wings
    With angels like her
    My heart surely sings

    A beauty divine
    O' so very fine
    I wish you were mine

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