• The Rosetta Stone / by Omer Toledano

    I am the one
    Who holds it together
    I am the master
    In charge of the tether

    I am the one
    Entrusted with power
    I am the one
    Who holds up the tower

    If it wasn't for I
    It would all fall apart
    If it wasn't for I
    With the purple heart

    Where they die all of them
    The shy and the weak
    Is where I come in
    To combat the bleak
    It takes courage to talk
    It takes courage to walk
    It takes courage to fight
    And to hunt like a hawk

    If I fall
    They fall with me
    And that cannot be
    With their light and their goodness
    They encircle me
    So that one day I'd rise
    And shield them from harm
    But till then I bestow
    Upon them my charm

    I am the one
    Who need not atone
    I am the one
    Who sets the tone
    I am the one
    I'm flesh and I'm bone
    I am the only
    Rosetta Stone

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