• Queen of the Aztecs / by: Omer Toledano

    I'm the autumn, you're the spring
    I'm the rain, you're the blossom
    I'm a bird in mid flight
    You're the flower in my sight

    Yours the people of the sun
    Mine the people of the moon
    Both the people of the light
    Both illuminating noon

    Darkness chaos with no end
    Has no place in our domain
    No fear, suffering or pain
    Only love and joy will reign

    Identify the falls we must
    To hasten cure in both we trust
    And do what is forever right
    You illuminating day
    And I illuminating night

    Epitome of all desire
    You're my ice
    You're my fire
    My wings with you shall never tire
    With you, my love, a frequent flyer

    And hosts of heaven and the earth
    Will gaze upon as we give birth
    To all that was and that will be
    They'll give their blessing
    You and Me

    I will promise here on end
    To cherish, keep you and defend
    With music sounding when you wake
    And whisper when a dream you make
    My heart is here for you to take
    Like the still waters on a lake

    You're the mission in my eye
    You're the pinnacle so high
    You're the prize which I have won
    Sun and Moon
    Together One

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    1. El mejor poema que has escrito.
      Eres el mejor, besos.


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