• The Meaning of Om by Omer Toledano

    My name is Omer.
    I take pride in the fact that my name starts with "OM" (ॐ), a primordial mantra which has been described as "the sound of the universe". It is a mantra often used in meditation sessions. Not once have we heard humanity as a whole, from the Tibetan monks in the Himalayan mountains to the men and women on the sea shores of Los Angeles doing Yoga, reciting this powerful chant, "Ommmmm".

    When I was younger and even now, in adulthood, my father occasionally calls me OM for short. I've never really given it much thought until now and I doubt my father is even aware of it, but when he does this, it is "the sound of the universe" which is emanating through him and unto me. That is how, at one point, I began to observe it.

    One could find many applications of "OM" in many different languages.
    In the English language, we have the words Omnipresent and Omnipotent, also beginning with this mantra, which are defined as ultimate presence and ultimate power respectively.
    In Hebrew, the word Omer, apart from it being defined as a measurement of barley, literally a stack of wheat, is also the masculine present tense of the verb "to say", saying, as in "Hu omer mashehu", "He is saying something". I like to derive meaning from this; When someone is saying (Omer) something to you it's as though He is dispensing the entire universe in your ears. When someone is saying something to you, be it through sound or written form, the universe is calling. And when the universe is calling, you should listen.


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