• Saccadic Eye Motion - Redrawing you once again

    "The monkey knows how you'll react Like some reverse pyromaniac creating want by holding back..." said the great Aimee Mann in her song "High on Sunday 51". And thus, he managed to draw me in yet again. How? He just gave me a call but not in the conventional sense. Not by means of the internet or telephone but by simply shutting up as strange as it might sound. This schmuck wanted me to make contact so bad that he just used silence. He knew that my mind would one day once again yearn for his song and oh what a song it is...

    He drew me in once again and so goes the title of Saccadic Eye Motion's latest album, "Redrawing you once again". How appropriate that on a day when the world celebrates the discovery of gravitational waves, his music reverberates yet again in my mind and he manages to redraw me once again. Those never-ending strums on electric guitars emanating from the far end of the galaxy, drum beats in sync with the death of white dwarfs and flute, whether synthesized or of substantial air, painting blue and purple nebulas somewhere in the universal domain, all make for one more trippy experience.

    It's good knowing he's still out there, this... Lisbonian, watching out for me. And so goes our little dance among the stars which I'll continue to watch until S.E.M. manages to redraw me once again.


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