• The Dead Sea Hotel / by: Omer Toledano

    One morning she asked
    If I want to come with her
    Just her and myself
    And her son and her sister

    Happily I inclined
    And accepted the charge
    Didn't flinch didn't waver
    Was as they say, large

    I booked me a room
    At the Dead Sea Hotel
    What transpired thereafter
    Nobody could tell

    I bathed and I soaked
    Down in the spa
    Got a healthy massage
    From an elderly ma

    We had dinner and fun
    In the Bedouin tent
    I had chicken skewers
    And I was content
    After filling our bellies
    We went and retired
    Night was falling
    And we were all tired

    And as we were sitting
    Alone in the room
    Her face suddenly dropped
    And I sensed the gloom
    She told me that she
    No longer felt well
    With us
    At the Dead Sea Hotel
    And more things were said
    And as I lay there in bed
    I thought and I wondered
    What went on in that head

    The sun rose next morning
    And the place was so calm
    The mountains, the air
    And the sand on my palm
    If only I thought
    She could be here
    Right now
    Instead of thinking the what
    The when and the how

    And again on the terrace
    Looking out from above
    She was absent from this
    And from that and from love
    It was there that I kissed her
    Just our lips were aligned
    Only looking at her
    She was not of sound mind

    On the drive back to home
    Nothing could be done
    The verdict already passed
    And in there it was gone
    With her beautiful eyes
    I could already tell
    She left me once more
    At the Dead Sea Hotel


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