• The Void / by: Omer Toledano

    In the void between sound
    Two worlds collided
    They danced and they swirled
    Together abided
    Primordial rhythm
    Was the path unto them
    And within it the rock
    Which was to be their gem
    In what seemed like a year
    Will last for a lifetime
    Throughout eons will echo
    As we hear the night chime
    It will arise and subside
    As this wave always has
    And continue this play
    This sonic of jazz

    In the void between worlds
    There is nothing to see
    There is nothing to hear
    There is nowhere to be
    You know it is there
    And you know it is not
    It is just in between
    Where you seem to be caught
    It will come it will go
    And what you need to know
    You will find out through time
    And in time it will show
    What needs to be shown
    And to you will appear
    Could be space
    Could be time
    Or the one you hold dear

    In the void is where you
    Feel most comfortable being
    Where you talk with yourself
    Where you're actually seeing
    Out there is just show
    They are not in the know
    Of the things that are real
    And which help you to grow
    I am that I am
    I am bliss overjoyed
    I am truth I am found
    In this infinite void


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