Web servers and Indians

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 0 Comments

There's nothing like playing around with my computer.
As a web designer/programmer I like having a local environment to test out what I've done before I upload it to the internet. That means having my own web server installed on my local network. Up until yesterday I was using Microsoft's Internet Information Services or for short IIS.
Every once in a while I get a hankerin' to improve my quality of living. Yesterday was one of those occassions. So, I decided to treat myself to the Apache HTTP server.
I uninstalled my IIS and installed Apache.
Configuring it was a snap thanks to the online documentation that comes with just about every software package these days. Ofcourse, like with all things internet related, I always feel like there's more to learn. For starters, I discovered that you can configure Apache to load PHP as a module on startup instead of using it as a CGI binary.
"What the f@#! is he talkin' about?!?" you ask?
Don't worry. Just a bit of professional humor.


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