Collective Orgasm / by Omer Toledano

Does the amoeba feel pleasure
When it multiplies
Does the tiny fungus gasp
When it releases its tiny spores
Does the flower get aroused
When the bee suckles the nectar while touching its anthers
Does the tree sway in ecstasy
Before bearing fruit
In the words of the song
How does the spring know its time?
Does the mountain lion question anything
Before it mounts
Give and take
Take and give
Releasing excess
Recyclers of the universe we are
Taking in and spewing out
Magnificent creation
A brief enjoyable moment
A collective orgasm
In eternity

Expectation / by: Omer Toledano

It’s my past which has shown me
What to expect
In this way which I live
I must pass
And reject
In this way which they live
They come to expect
What should be
Must be done
And how one must act
In this way how they judge
And draw their conclusion
Based on lies
Not the truth
Just their simple delusion
It’s how they are built
It’s how they are wired
So you know if you’re in
So you know if you’re hired
And this is the essence
Of this grand design
Are you with him?
Or are you still mine?
Either way it won’t matter
The answer you know
As for I with the truth
Of you I let go
And continue to do so
Time after time
And write poems about it
Rhyme after rhyme

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The Formless Rabbit / by Omer Toledano

Once there was a formless rabbit
Who liked routine, order and habit
Every morning went on foot
And pulled a carrot from the root
And this went on for quite a while
This was just the rabbit’s style
And so one day, the rabbit woke
And saw this thing was quite a joke
Pulling carrots from the ground
To and fro without a sound
And so the rabbit did agree
That eating carrots should be free
No more effort to this deed
Just the planting of a seed
And so the rabbit thought and thought
Of everything that he’d been taught
And then it came in quite a flash
The rabbit knew what he must do
To whip another by the lash
And so the rabbit brought his friend
To pick his carrots till the end
But now the rabbit reigned supreme
Alone atop this corrupt scheme
And this continued till the end
Our formless rabbit did not bend
Wanted just to move ahead
Blind to all as light of day
Pushing sideways on the way
And finally when he had topped
Breathed his last breath
And to death he dropped
But formless rabbit was not done
For now he was with nature one
And quicker than he knew what hit him
Faster than his lifeless rythm
He looked around
Began to stare
Formless rabbit was now a bear

Om is a Nut / by Omer Toledano

Why do you complicate?
You and I
That’s all there is
Am I wrong?
I could be
Maybe there’s just all that I am
Maybe it’s just I
I will never know
For as long as I live here
I will never be sure
This place is a wonder
I start off with questions
Will they ever be answered?
Can anybody truly answer me?
I am one dot in space
Seemingly touched by other dots
Nameless, space-less
Names and forms
Given to them
By other dots
Nameless, space-less
Names and forms
Om is a nut
Double meaning
Screwed on tightly
Important to the grand design

Miracle of the Tow Cable / by Omer Toledano

In the darkness of night
A voice whispers
“I am here with you, always”
Remember the miracle of the tow cable
You entered the clearing in the forest
And when you needed it
It was there on the ground
With no earthly business being there
Put your faith in what your eyes see
I put it there for you
I pulled you out of where you were
And I shall do so many more times over
My hand guides your path
Trust the process
Remember the miracle of the tow cable

The Voices / by Omer Toledano

The voices keep telling me
That I know nothing of love
It tells me to stay away
That I do not belong in this realm
Every fiber in my being says “Don’t do this!”
“Go home! Relieve yourself.”
The voice tells me that it is true
It is not for me
It is a mess
Even the strongest like yourself
Fail to keep balance
One big delusion created
To maintain momentum
To keep the wheel in motion
It is not for you
Sit in the back seat
And enjoy the scenery