Look at the Source

The Silent Ceremony

On the Greek island of Rhodes
I looked at the waves crashing down on a pebble beach
The city on my right
The sun and you on my left
The Turkish mountains on the horizon
I looked at the mildly turbulent sea
And then I looked into your eyes and saw the storm within
I looked back at the waves
And back at you
Your hair fluttering in the cool evening breeze
Your eyes piercing into my soul
The love of my life
Then back at the waves
Then back at you
Not a word was said
A silent ceremony
And that was the beginning of summer

Hangin' Out with Uri Katzenstein

It was a clear, sunny and cool Spring day, mid-April. He told me to meet him at 10:00 on a Friday at his studio in Tel Aviv. As usual, I arrived a bit earlier than we had scheduled. I called him up and told him that I was waiting for him. "I'll be there in ten minutes" he replied, "Try not to get eaten up". One can only assume that he was referring to the "wild beasts" of south Tel Aviv.

Uri Katzenstein, drove up and got out of his car. The lobe gauge on his right ear and tattoo on his right arm clearly visible. Katzenstein takes me to his studio, an indoor space full of his various art works from over the years. He offers me a smoke and I decline. He offers me black coffee. I happily accept.

We reminisce about my late uncle. The two were good friends back in the day. He showed me one of his works; a miniature basketball-sized gray figurine of what looked like an enlarged version of a microscopic microbe. He prints them on a 3d printer and assembles them in parts which are then fused together. We sit at his computer. "I created a language" he said, and showed me the font styling for it. "Do you understand what's written here?" I asked. "No", he cynically replied.
"What's it called?" I asked. "Backyard language for now" he replied. I later learned that Backyard is redesigned symbolic representations for the English alphabet.

 It's not every day that you find yourself in the presence of true genius. Uri's soft tone, somewhat a whisper, enhanced the experience. I felt at ease, almost like I found a new best friend, a mentor for my heart & soul. There was nothing awkward about sharing silence with the man. As a gift, he gave me a book about his latest exhibition, "Backyard" along with a couple of more items.
2 hours later, deliberating internally on whether I had overstayed my welcome, I raised my hand in the air and gave Katzenstein a "low five", "Katzenstein, happy to meet you." "I'm happy that you came" he replied. "So am I" I replied back. And thus I concluded the morning of April 14th, 2017. Closing the door behind me, I left happy with the knowledge and the memory of an experience, a meeting with no less than a hero, a pioneer, a rebel and sharing a presence with the great Uri Katzenstein.

An Amazing Evening with Mom and the Great Deepak Chopra

An amazing evening with the great Deepak Chopra in Tel-Aviv, Israel - March 5th 2017.

The Spark of Life

Today, I will remind myself that Divine Intelligence is the spark of life that animates every cell in my body. When I put my awareness inside my body, I will feel Divine energy coursing through my vessels, and bubbling in every cell of my body. I will remind myself that my body is a field of Divine Energy, Divine Intelligence, Divine Organization at the level of being. I will know that Infinity is contained in this little vessel that I call my body. I will realize that affluence, abundance, infinity and unboundedness are my very nature. I will put my attention within myself til my whole being resonates and flows in the unbounded glory of Infinite Divine unbounded Intelligence as it flows through me!

All You Need is Love. Love is All You Need.

Deepak Does It Again

So once more the great Deepak Chopra responded to my greetings from Israel (16:13). I love this guy. Always nice when he responds. A true blessing to the world. Luckily, he will be here in Israel in March and hopefully I'll have a chance to see him.