Ishay Ribo - Kol dodi

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 0 Comments

Kol Dodi / by Ishay Ribo

The voice of my love here it comes, so they say
To remove all evil and to lift up our ray of light
From chasms of ash,
And to wake the dormant with the sound of the horn

The voice of my love here it comes,
So spread the rumour
And every infant who gave an oath
Received the prophecy
So let's go out and greet Him, with drums and pipe
Sing unto Him, Hymn unto Him, blessed is the nation that The Lord is their God

And then the day will dissipate, and the lie will evaporate
And all the deer of the field will go out in dance
And skip on the mountains, and not from the terror of the foxes
And from the clefts of the rock shall spring forth living water
From between the cracks of the steps to water the rose of the valleys,
And to establish a temple which will remove our suffering from here

The voice of my love is knocking, open up, my sons
It is the time of your redemption and to your troubles I've said enough
And I've come to proclaim, that you shall cry no more Rachel
We smell the Messiah, more than any merchant's powder
Hello, my love, the fresh and the rosy
Cast your wrath on stones and return to creating
In mercy, for your mercy has no memory which can retain all those at your disposal

The voice of my love here it is...


ॐ Om Omm Ommm Omer Omer Toledano, Web Developer, Artist, Writer, Poet, Gourmand, Front-line worker, Yogi, Lover, The Universe manifesting through a human nervous system.