The Voices / by Omer Toledano

Monday, January 15, 2018 , 0 Comments

The voices keep telling me
That I know nothing of love
It tells me to stay away
That I do not belong in this realm
Every fiber in my being says “Don’t do this!”
“Go home! Relieve yourself.”
The voice tells me that it is true
It is not for me
It is a mess
Even the strongest like yourself
Fail to keep balance
One big delusion created
To maintain momentum
To keep the wheel in motion
It is not for you
Sit in the back seat
And enjoy the scenery


ॐ Om Omm Ommm Omer Omer Toledano, Web Developer, Artist, Writer, Poet, Gourmand, Front-line worker, Yogi, Lover, The Universe manifesting through a human nervous system.