Om is a Nut / by Omer Toledano

Monday, February 12, 2018 , 0 Comments

Why do you complicate?
You and I
That’s all there is
Am I wrong?
I could be
Maybe there’s just all that I am
Maybe it’s just I
I will never know
For as long as I live here
I will never be sure
This place is a wonder
I start off with questions
Will they ever be answered?
Can anybody truly answer me?
I am one dot in space
Seemingly touched by other dots
Nameless, space-less
Names and forms
Given to them
By other dots
Nameless, space-less
Names and forms
Om is a nut
Double meaning
Screwed on tightly
Important to the grand design


ॐ Om Omm Ommm Omer Omer Toledano, Web Developer, Artist, Writer, Poet, Gourmand, Front-line worker, Yogi, Lover, The Universe manifesting through a human nervous system.