• Shouting in HEBREW online!!!

    When somebody writes something in english, be it an e-mail, a talkback message on some online discussion forum or posting to a blog like I'm doing now, they always have that option to use capital letters.
    The use of capital letters, for expression of anger or outrage, online is called SHOUTING.
    In hebrew we don't have that luxury. No, we don't have that whole "capital letters" thing in hebrew. Sure, ofcourse we've got an exclamation point (!) but it doesn't do the job if you really want to get your point across.
    Well then, I guess that if I want to shout at somebody in hebrew I might as well do it face-to-face and not online.
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    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

      HEHEHEHEHE, i cant belive u wrote that, i thought of it so mannnnny times !!! ure absolutely right omer !! hehehe keep it updated OK ?!?!
      c ya !


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