• My dog Dingo

    A week has passed since my brother got me my first dog.
    When I think about it, taking care of him is not as hard as I thought it would be.
    Some food, some water and a bit of table scraps now and then.
    He practically takes care of himself.

    I named him Dingo because the first thing that came to my mind was the Seinfeld episode in which they're all at a party and Elaine is sitting next to a woman who is talking about how she has lost her fiance ("The poor baby...").
    "Maybe the Dingo ate your baby?" Elaine replies.

    When he's not chewing food, he chews socks, tennis balls and the rag toy I got him.
    He also playfully chews my arm from time to time.

    After taking care of a dog for the past week, I can say that it has its rewards.
    There's nothing that compares to the feeling you get when a dog jumps on you with excitement after a hard day's work.

    More photos of Dingo can be seen on my Dingo photo album.

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