• My brother, Eran, the officer and the gentleman

    Last Tuesday my brother, Eran, completed his course and became an officer.
    The final ceremony in which his ranks were uncovered was indeed a memorable one.
    Before it started, Mom had told me that she had a special surprise for me.
    "What is it?" I asked her.
    She said that she could not tell me and that all she can say is that it is a "good" surprise.
    The ceremony commenced. The man hosting the ceremony introduced the high ranking officials among which were Gabi Ashkenazi, The chief of staff and Ehud Barak, the minister of defense.
    The ceremony continued and got to the point when the host announced and called on the cadets, who had passed the course with excellence and flying colors, to take their place in the front line so that their ranks would be uncovered by the defense minister.
    It was then that I realized what my mother's surprise was. My brother, Eran, would be among the cadets who had passed the course with excellence. His ranks were to be uncovered by non other than Ehud Barak. And so it was to be.
    "Eran Toledano!" the man announced on the loud speaker.
    I was so excited, at that moment, to see my brother receiving such an honor.
    "There they are. The best of the best." the man announced.
    After the ceremony had ended, I came up to my brother and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was so proud of him. Deep down I always knew he could do it.
    We call him "Second-lieutenant Toledano" now.


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