• Saccadic Eye Motion - Ask the Stardust - Review

    Call it a phase. Call it whatever you will.
    All I know is that I was ready.
    Ready to mentally inhale the experience that was beset upon me.

    At first glance, Saccadic Eye Motion's debut album "Ask the Stardust" might seem like just another disc that in time would just be gathering debris among all the other items on your desk, but that's before you pop it into the CD player so allow me to diverge.

    Let me start off by saying that "Ask the Stardust" is great. It is the kind of album that civilizations are or should be based upon.
    It has an ear-pleasing rhythm and its soothing hymns and melodies are food for the soul.
    The album maintains a relaxing and meditative feel throughout all of its 10 tracks which consist of Experimental and Psychedelic themes with a hint of Folk.

    If I was asked to pick one track, which especially struck a chord with me, I'd have to go with track number 7 "Going Nowhere Fast" which embodies my own personal state of mind at the moment.

    In my opinion, "Ask the Stardust" will in fact be gathering debris on your desk in 20 or 30 years time and that just goes to show that it will still be around by then when you'll decide to pick it up once more, listen again to its fundamental truth and reminisce of a time when your world was a better place.


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